Client ran an in-house technical support team, covering 17 APAC countries including Korea.

As call volumes were declining with customers being more self sufficient, leveraging the client’s website, the cost of maintaining the in-house team had become prohibitively expensive.



Within one month, SUPERCEED recruited a brand new team for the helpdesk, and sent them for a 2-week training course by the client.

Skills & Training

Skills verifications were conducted and Teledirect’s training methodology and strength in project management helped ensure all Customer Service Representatives (CSR) passed the minimum skills.


A local leased circuit was setup between SUPERCEED and the client to allow the CSRs to use the client’s Customer Relation Management (CRM) system using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Data Synchronization

This setup helped the client to have real time customer contact information consolidated worldwide.



The programme was launched within a 4-week period, including the 7-level voice menu system, taking in calls from 17 countries, running from 4.30am in the morning for the New Zealand market.

Cost Reduction

Cost per transaction was reduced by more than 20%, compared to the cost of running the team by the client itself.