Client needed to establish communication with their existing clients numbering 100,000 to help strengthen brand relationship leading to targeted offers on their products.

However, since they had no facilities to de-duplicate records, they could not identify distinct individual purchasers.



SUPERCEED consolidated and formatted all existing data provided by client. We then merged and purged 100,000 records and then prepared for the telecommerce campaign.


The telecommerce task itself involved working closely with our client’s marketing team to establish profiling requirements needed for both current and future programmes


We also devised scoring algorithms to help identify more profitable customers.


Process Improvement

Our de-duplication software established a de-duplication rate of 16.3%, which reduced the records from 100,625 to 84,000.


Over 30 days, SUPERCEED successfully contacted and profiled over 61% of the client’s customer base which numbered 52,000 people.

Cost Reduction

Client enjoyed a saving of 24% from the allocated budget from not having to make repeat calls.