Client had numerous small teams situated geographically within Asia.

Client was too reliant on distributors and resellers to drive sales resulting in virtually no direct communication with end customers.

Client was experiencing challenges in recruiting and retaining a quality workforce including Inside Sales Reps and Sales Management.

There was inconsistent sales training delivered between markets contributing to lower than anticipated sales results.



  • Proposed a regionally centralised team of Inside Sales specialists.
  • Elevated their roles to work more closely in planning and development of specific accounts.
  • More attention was placed on end users to keep them informed of new product benefits, features and pricing while allowing distributors and resellers to maintain existing remuneration.


Reviewed and standardised all training materials and developed more modules to deal with specific sales related issues and bottlenecks in performance.


Implemented SUPERCEED proprietary CRM solution to help provide a single view and access of all related systems.



A revamped and empowered approach to selling helped reduce workforce attrition by 30% +.

Centralised Team

A centralised team of 34 Sales Specialists covering six Asian markets benefited from a very focused and attentive Sales Management, resulting in a 28% YOY increase in sales.

Track Quality

SUPERCEED CRM solution allowed managers to track quality and results, which lead to improved coaching, development and financial performance.


Generated a YOY increase greater than US$14 million. End users, distributor and reseller satisfaction have all improved markedly.