Tracking the emotional journey of each customer

  • The proliferation of multiple communication channels has fueled the complexity of customer interaction.
  • The customer has more options at his/her disposal.
  • Today the customer calls to complain on an issue.
  • Tomorrow he follows up the issue via live chat.
  • The next day, he emails on the same issue.
  • How do we avoid opening 3 pserate tickets to track the same issue?
  • Is there a way to know that the customer is complaining on the same issue using different communication channels?


Displays a quick overview of key parameters in omnichannel communications.

Tracking an individual's interaction journey

Displays an individual's sequences and ratios of multi-channel interactions.

Interaction Channels

Displays the general ratios of multi-channel communications.

Unified live chats

Consolidation of live chats from multiple platforms.