Client had a team of technical support helpdesk agents who operated mainly during office hours.

They were facing challenges in maintaining a team for the after-hours operation.

SUPERCEED was appointed to provide Internet competent agents for the 1st and 2nd level support after office hours.

This freed up the client from the high costs of supervision needed to setup and operate the team after office hours.



SUPERCEED hired a team of agents who were willing to work the night shifts. A large pool was hired, together with a highly qualified supervisor, so that shift planning achieved maximum flexibility.


The supervisor was responsible for the performance of each agent, and continuous recruitment was carried out, to replace any agents who performed badly or who had a high absenteeism rate.


Cost Reduction

SUPERCEED helped the client extend its operating hours to 24 hours, and reduced its cost of supervision by over 28%.


Abandon rate and service targets were all met from the 1st week of operation.