Inbound customer service was understaffed and there was no way of tracking call centre performance.

Technical support queries were provided by mobile service providers (MSP) for each country and client did not have control over the quality and service levels provided by the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) of the mobile service provider.

Client was also facing great competition from other mobile phone brand names and needed to improve its customer service in various APAC countries.



SUPERCEED recruited and trained multilingual agents for the various Asia Pacific (APAC) countries and had their skills verified by the client within two months.

Call Centre

A call centre was set up to handle inbound calls on pre-sales enquiries, customer feedback and post-sales fault reporting.

Tracking Capability

All inbound mails were tracked and responded to within 24 hours. Open cases were escalated to the client’s management.


A CRM tool was designed to allow the CSRs to capture caller information, track unclosed cases and e-mail information to other stakeholders in one transaction.

Data Synchronization

It also contained online scripts, which were linked to an online technical diagnostic system for troubleshooting.

Automated Reports

Hourly mobile phone fault reports were automatically transmitted to service centres in the corresponding countries allowing the service centres to get the relevant parts ready before the customer shows up at the centre.


Customer Satisfaction

SUPERCEED helped improve client’s customer satisfaction survey score from 3 to 4.5 (on a 5-point scale).


One-call resolution was well above 97%, abandon rate less than 3% and service level above 90% of calls answered within 20 seconds.

Cost Reduction

Cost per call was reduced by over 20% after outsourcing.