The client had just invested in an island-wide infrastructure, and needed to recover its investment cost quickly.

To do that, it had to speed up the rate of technology adoption, and sign up a critical mass of customers within a short two-year period.

Its target customers were households across the country.

The competition was the free-to-air television broadcasters who had been around for over twenty years.

It recognized that the road to gain market share quickly was to leverage on a few telecommerce companies.



A team of 50 telemarketers was set up to cover the residential areas. A database was purchased, and the telemarketers made cold calls to sell subscription programes tailored to the telemarketing channel.


An order form was pre-filled with the customer information and auto-emailed/faxed to the customer. This increased the return rate of the completed subscription forms as it reduced the work the customers needed to do.


Agent productivity information was tracked hourly, so database reassignment and calling periods could be dynamically adjusted to maximize the sign up rate for the client.


SUPERCEED designed a Telemarketing system that allowed auto assignment of accounts by targeted customer demographics. It encompassed a pre-qualification questionnaire, which followed a business rule to provide the best package for the prospect depending on the answers to specific questions.



In the first 6 months of operations, SUPERCEED was the number one contributor to our client’s sales.


With a trained telemarketing team who qualified every customer and sold based on tailored benefits, each database record truly represented a sales opportunity.


Database wastage was reduced.