Client wanted to introduce a new International Direct Dial (IDD) service and capture the market share enjoyed by the existing IDD service providers.

Although the client had a large in-house customer contact centre of over 200 seats, setting up a team for the IDD service would disrupt its current operations.

A dedicated team for IDD service would have jeopardized its service levels for existing services.



SUPERCEED setup a team of Customer Service Representative (CSRs) within a 2-week period, including training and skills verification.


SUPERCEED’s Telesmart Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was customized with online scripts to enable all new agents to be trained within a relatively short time.

Data Collection

The CRM system also allowed all customer contact information and pre-qualification questions to be captured, for use by client’s marketing team.



SUPERCEED registered over 1,000 new IDD users within the first 2 weeks of operation.


This was half the time originally planned by the client to achieve the 1,000 user target.

Sales Skills

The pre-sales team of CSRs had the ability to influence product and services sign-up.Agents utilization rate increased from 50% to 80%.

Professional Training

Training and communication skills were key to a successful cross-sell/up-sell programme.