The postpaid mobile subscription market rivalry was intense and the competition was relying heavily on traditional advertising and price slashing to grab market share.

The Client was reluctant to follow suit as this would have impacted their already razor thin margins.

The client was exploring telecommerce as a means to cost effectively grow market share but was unsure of how to go about achieving this.



SUPERCEED designed a leads generation strategy to contact potential corporate customers and to qualify them.


A multilingual team of Telesales Executives (TSEs) were recruited, trained and ready to sell within six weeks.

Sales Mechanism

Sales Leads were qualified and classified as Hot, Warm or Cold. Leads were then passed on to the Client’s sales team for follow up and closing. TSEs worked closely with the Client’s sales team to capture the sales status and to close the loop to ensure the entire sales cycle was covered.


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool was designed to allow the TSEs to capture sales leads information, track unclosed opportunities and e-mail information to other stakeholders within one transaction. It also contained online scripts, which standardized the leads engagement process in multiple languages.



SUPERCEED generated an average client return on investment of RM1 invested by our client into 20 times that value in return.